Top 7 Things To Do in Kostanjevica na Krki

by Mija

Kostanjevica na Krki is located in the southwest part of Slovenia, only an hour drive away from the capital Ljubljana. It is an islet on river Krka, with picturesque surroundings and many cultural and natural sights of great importance.

What To See and Do in Kostanjevica na Krki

Kostanjevica na Krki is the smallest and one of the oldest towns in Slovenia. That is why there are a lot of historically important places to visit despite its small size. Here are some of the most popular attractions to see.

1. Walk through the Old Town

The Old Town of Kostanjevica na Krki dates back to the middle of the 13th century. With a stroll through, you can see some of the main local sights, such as Lamut’s art salon, birth house of the local artist Jože Gorjup, Bertolli house, the town’s characteristic wooden bridges and many more.

2. Walk through Krakovo Forest

Krakovo forest is one of the most important wetlands in Slovenia, it is located north of Kostanjevica town. The virgin forest is a home to many different endangered plant and animal species. To explore the wetland, you can walk on an 8 km long Ressel path, which takes you from Inn Žolnir around the forest in a circular way.

3. Moorland Trstenik

The southern part of Krakovo forest is covered by moorland Trstenik. This part of the forest is a home various animals, including different species of frogs, and endangered birds.

4. See Debele vrbe v Trsteniku

An interesting sight in Kostanjevica na Krki are the giant willows in Trstenik, which are located next to moorland Trstenik. The largest willow in the forest has a diameter of 250 centimetres.

5. Explore Kostanjevica Cave

Southeast from the Old Town Kostanjevica na Krki there is the Kostanjevica Cave, which you can visit between April and October each year. Take a tour of the longest underground cave system in Dolenjska region, that is decorated with a rich dripstone ornaments.

6. Visit Božidar Jakac Art Museum and Old Cistercian Monastery

Božidar Jakac art museum is situated inside the building of a former Cistercian monastery, which is one of the greatest medieval monuments in Slovenia. The museum is the largest gallery complex in Slovenia, filled with artistic legacy of Bela Krajina, Dolenjska and Posavje regions, along with Slovenian expressionism and contemporary art.

7. The Parish Church of St Jacob

In the Old Town of Kostanjevica na Krki you can visit the Parish Church of St Jacob, that was first built around 1200. Its uniqueness comes from the Romanesque ground floor and various important paintings in the Church’s interior. In later years, the church was renovated in more baroque style.

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