Top 10 Things To Do in Murska Sobota, Slovenia

by Mija

Murska Sobota is a city in the northeastern Slovenia, around 2-hour drive from Ljubljana. There is so much to do and see in Murska Sobota and this list has all the things you should definitely check out! Stroll through the city center, visit Expano, bath in the famous thermal park Terme 3000 or try the excellent local wine.

The 10 Best Things to See and Do in Murska Sobota

Municipality of Murska Sobota is a great place to be if you plan to enjoy a few days in the flat and beautiful Pomurje region. Explore the best attractions and cuisine in Murska Sobota with the help of this guide.

1.Explore the Old Town

Murska Sobota is filled with gorgeous bourgeois buildings with art nouveau decorations ready to impress you. Take a walk along the main street to lose yourself in the beautiful and vibrant town. Explore the distinguished modernist works of the famous architect Feri Novak.

2.Visit the Tropical Garden

If you love orchids, you will fall in love with this place. In the Tropical Garden, you can admire tropical and subtropical plants from around the world. Besides seeing plants that you can encounter every day, you can also find interesting plants and fruits like coffee and bananas.

3.Explore Pomurje Region in Expano

With its exceptional architecture Expano pavilion was named the gates to Pomurje. It invites you to Pomurje region and presents the land, tradition, natural wonders, and the region’s tourist activities. Hear about the unique stories from the Pomurje region, learn about community tourism and where to find it.

4.Visit the Castle

Built in 13th century and restored in 18th century, Murska Sobota Castle is a place to visit. It was rebuilt in a renaissance style and is surrounded by an extensive but beautiful castle park. Today the castle is occupied by the Murska Sobota Regional Museum that displays the cultural heritage of Pomurje and a restaurant.

5.Drink Local Wine

Cherry on top, Prekmurje region is the home of extensive vineyards, beautiful wine cellars and delicious wine. Visit Marof, a modern wine cellar making wines the traditional way, take a wine tour and taste their special red wine. Another great option is to check out the Winery Jani Erniša to enjoy a homely taste to an excellent wine.

6.Get accommodated in Thermal Wellness Terme 3000

Thermal Wellnes 3000 is one of Slovenia’s most famous thermal destinations that offers spa programs, relaxation, and wellness services with a touch of Prekmurje. The healing power hidden in the black thermos-mineral water of Spa 3000 has favorable effects on rheumatism, post-injury recovery and skin diseases. You can even stay in one of the close by hotels: Hotel Livala Prestige, Hotel Ajda or Hotel Thermal.

7.Visit the Museum in Pottery Village Filovci

Pottery Village Filovci is an open-air museum that combines traditional crafts like pottery with a local architecture and cultural heritage. Get acquainted with the architecture of the Panonian house: a wooden roof construction, characterized by clay plaster and a thatched roof. Take a look at the unique black pottery, which is the result of burning in a special oven.

8.Play Golf at Golf Center Livada

The Livada Golf Course is located next to Terme 3000, just a few steps from the Hotel Livada Prestige. It is characterized by an undulating terrain, water hazards and other natural obstacles. It is best known for its 9th hole, the longest in Slovenia. This golf course is suitable for beginners and skilled golfers.

9.Have Fun at Escape Room Enigmarium Murska Sobota

Enigmarium Escape Room in Murska Sobota offers an incredibly fun, original, and unique challenge. All you have to do is escape from a locked room in one hour. Find the hidden clues, solve the riddles, and break the codes to unlock the door to freedom.

10.Swim in Black Water in Terme Vivat

Terme Vivat offers wellness, thermal, therapeutic, beauty and sports services. One of the pools is filled with dark thermal mineral water that comes from Terme Vivat Spa own springs. The dark thermal mineral water has special healing properties and is pumped at 1250 meters below the surface. To finish off a resting day at Terme Vivat, relax with a Thai massage.