Top 10 Things To Do in Velenje

by Mija

Velenje is a town with true mining veins. It is located in northeastern Slovenia and surrounded by beautiful green forests. It makes for a great day trip from the capital Ljubljana. As one of the sunniest towns in Slovenia it offers a great experience for families, couples and kids.

What to See and Do in Velenje

Visit another Slovenian green city and get ready for a unique experience. Check some of the best sights that Velenje has to offer.

1. Visit Coal Mine Velenje

Enter a coal mine from 19th century dressed in mining clothes, overcoat, with helmet on your head and snack in your hand. Have an unforgettable underground adventure and learn about the miners work in the past.

2. Have some Water Fun on Velenje Beach

Did you know Velenje has a great beach, too? It’s located by the boat house on Lake Velenje. Pack your swim suit and sunscreen and go have an exciting water experience on Velenje Beach. There are numerous fun options for spending your free time relaxing close to the water. There are some bars and restaurants close by for when you get hungry.

3. Try Local Chocolate in Lucifer Café

Try some of the handmade chocolate masterpieces in Velenje. Lucifer Chocolate offers a varied choice of premium chocolate, from the smallest pralines to large candy boxes. For a very special and unique gift, buy a personalized chocolate bar.

4. Visit Beer Fountain in Žalec

The Europe’s first beer fountain opened its taps in Žalec which is just around 20 minutes drive from Velenje. If you’re a beer lover, this is a must stop for you. You can make a toast with a glass of good beer coming directly from the beer fountain.

5. Climb Velenje Castle

Take a look at this well-preserved and fairy tale like castle from the 13th century. It stands on the top of the hill in Velenje. The castle currently houses a museum of art and culture that’s worth a visit. Relax in the courtyard and take in the beauty that surrounded the castle more than 700 years ago.

6. Visit the Museum House of Minerals

This museum represents a piece of the endless treasures as it exhibits a large collection of minerals from across the world. Some exhibits were found in the Velenje Mine and are extraordinary. House of Minerals can be found under the castle wall in the old part of Velenje.

7. Walk through Main Square

Main square should not be missed. Dive into history and check out the largest Tito statue in the world. Because of the statue the Main Square is sometimes called Tito Square.

8. Visit Pipi Longstocking Festival in Autumn

This is the biggest children festival in Slovenia that takes place at the end of September. There are more than 100 creative workshops organized in addition to theatre performances, concert stage and a cinema. This is especially fun for children and is a unique experience you can get only in Slovenia.

9. Explore Hell Cave

Hell Cave invites you in with the devil’s face shape above the entrance, daring you to step in and explore. There are magnificent stalactites and stalagmites to see. The cave if full of bats in the air and crabs in the water. Watch out for the underground fall in this charming cave.

10. Try Local Wine at Tourist Wine Trail

To get the true vibe of authenticity, kindness and hospitality, visit Šmartno ob Paki and their Tourist Wine Trail. Šmartno ob Paki is located approximately 15 minutes by car from Velenje. This special wine trail will lead you through and between vineyards past viewpoints, winecellars and wineries. Explore the wine-growing region with endless possibilities, including traditional way of winemaking.