Top 10 Things To Do in Kranjska Gora

by Mija

Kranjska Gora is an attractive destination throughout the whole year. In the winter, you can ski or see Alpine skiers compete and ski-jumpers break new records at Planica. In the summer, Kranjska Gora is a great destination for cycling, hiking or simply exploring.

What to See and Do in Kranjska Gora

Here’s the list of some of the MUST DOs for when you visit Kranjska Gora. This alpine germ will leave you breathless with its beauty and turn you into an absolute nature lover.

1. Skiing in the Winter

If you like to ski, Kranjska Gora is absolutely the right choice. You can choose between 18 ski slopes with varying technical difficulty. One of the best things about skiing Kranjska Gora is a snow covered beach where you can relax and enjoy after a fun day. Ski schools and instructors are also available.

2. Go Sledding in the Summer

If you’re visiting Kranjska Gora in summer, you should try out the summer toboggan called Furious Pehta. It is a 1,500-meter-long route summer sledge. A five minute drive to fill you with adrenaline and happiness. Tickets are available down at the lower station of the Vitranc 1 chairlift.

3. Watch Ski Jumps in Planica

Planica is an Alpine valley that runs from Rateče Village into the Tamar Valley. It hosts one of the world’s highest ski jumping center. The world cup in ski jumps is concluded in Planica around mid-March. This is an unforgettable experience for all winter sports fans.

4. Visit Lake Jasna

To see the breathtaking reflections of mountains in the crystal clear lake water visit Lake Jasna. There are two artificial lakes. Enjoy the beautiful nature and take a walk on nice trails surrounding the lakes. Good news for fishing lovers: this is a well-known fishing district.

5. Hike to Triple Border

There are more than 100 kilometers of hiking trails to discover in Kranjska Gora. The extraordinary nature is suitable for children, families, and visitors who wish to go on serious mountain tours. For one of the best hikes, check out the seven kilometer tourist route to the Triple border between Slovenia, Italy and Austria. The hike is definitely worth the sweat: a spectacular view of the Alps awaits you at the top.

6. Go Cycling at Jure Robič Cycling Trail

There is a wide range of awesome biking activities available with some of Slovenia’s best mountain cycling trails. A great route for a day trip is Jure Robič cycling path that runs from Mojstrana to Tarvisio in Italy. This is one of the more challenging mountain ascents but numerous others are available for casual and recreational riders.

7. Visit Liznjekova domačija

Step into an old farm house to breathe in the life of rich farmers life in 17th century. This 300 years old house has a preserved traditional black kitchen. The Liznjekova house has been renovated and turned into a museum in 1983.

8. Visit Tamar Valley

Tamar Valley is a beautiful valley located only a few kilometers from Italian and Austian borders. The valley is best known as the home of the Planica ski-jumping hills. Tamar Valley is only 15-minute drive by car from Kranjska Gora and offers the most beautiful sights of the genuine and preserved nature.

9. Visit Vrata Valley

Vrata Valley is the largest glacial valley on the north side of Julian Alps. Go for a hike and see the two waterfalls Peričnik. This mountain paradise is breathtaking and nothing you have ever seen before. The “Aljažev dom” mountain hut in the Vrata Valley is the starting point for trips to Mount Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia.

10. Go Sledding in the Winter

There are many sledding slopes in Kranjska Gora. Free the child in you and drive to the top of the hill only to push and sled down the well-maintained sledding slopes. This can be an adventure of a lifetime!