The 10 Best Viewpoints in Slovenia

by Mija

Slovenia has tons of beautiful spots to enjoy and see the world from a different perspective. With Slovenian sea, beautiful green nature, the mountains and the cities, every viewpoint offers something different. Here is the list of 10 top viewpoints around Slovenia that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

1. Piran Walls

Piran Walls Viewpoint Slovenia

City walls from 10th century surround narrow streets of Piran. Today it includes seven defense towers that you can visit during your climb on the walls. The best part about Piran Walls is the stunning view: you can see the beautiful blue Adriatic Sea and the coastline of Trieste in Italy.

2. Izola Viewpoint

Izola Viewpoint Slovenia

Take a walk above the Strunjan Cliff to Izola Viewpoint also called ‘Mesečeva Višta’. It opens up a romantic view of Moon Bay. Not only you can see the beautiful colors of the sea; if you look closely, you can spot Slovenian highest peak Triglav in the distance. This is the perfect spot to watch the sunset or come to at night to see the magical lights of Izola and the Gulf of Trieste.

3. Osojnica at Bled Lake

Osojnica, Bled Lake, Slovenia

If you love great views, you should definitely hike to Mala Osojnica. It’s not a long hike, a bit on the arduous site but the reward is really worth it. When you see a metal staircase, you know you are getting really close to the top. At the top of the staircase, you can sit on a wooden bench and take in gorgeous views of the lake. About 5 minutes farther is the main viewpoint called Mala Osojnica.

4. Skyscaper in Ljubljana

Skyscraper Café in Ljubljana is the perfect spot to get some coffee in the morning or stop for a drink in the evening. Enjoy the amazing view of the city center and Ljubljana castle from the top of one of Ljubljana’s highest skyscrapers.

5. Treetop Walk Rogla

In autumn 2019 a Treetop walk on Pohorje was opened. The total length of the path is about 560 meters and it is very interesting attraction for kids. Drive to Rogla and walk in the forest, but this time a bit higher.

6. Lendava Vinarium Tower

Lendava Vinarium Tower Slovenia

Climb 240 steps to get to the top of the watchtower Vinarium Lendava. It offers an incredible view of the colorful landscape of four different countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, and Croatia. Take some breathtaking pictures and selfies from more than 50 meters above ground.

7. Mountain Krn

Reserve the whole day for climbing on Krn, it is 2244 meters high! The hike is a bit vigorous but the climb is beautiful. Panorama is magnificent from the summit of Krn: see the Adriatic coast, Julian alps, green valleys and turquoise Soča River, Triglav and the magnificent Krn Lake.

8. Heart Road

Heart Road Slovenia

Visit Špičnik in northeastern Slovenia, in the municipality of Kungota. It is only a 30-minute drive from Maribor and it’s very popular among locals and tourists. It is a road shaped like a heart in the midst of vineyards on a hill. This might be the most romantic place you have ever visited.

9. Peč Tromeja

Triple Border Slovenia

Tromeja is a triple border between Slovenia, Italy, and Austria. Around 1500 meters high peak offers a spectacular view of the Julian Alps, Gailtal Alps and Karavanke mountains. Come to Peč on a lovely day, sit down and enjoy the view.

10. Gonjace in Goriska Brda

Gonjace Viewpoint Slovenia Brda

The Lookout Tower is located above village Gonjace, in central Goriska brda. It was built in 1961 and is 23 meters high. If the weather is nice, you can see the Alps and the sea at once. When you get back on the ground, visit a memorial close by dedicated to the victims of World War II.

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