Top 10 Hikes and Trails in Slovenia in 2020

by Mija

This list contain the most beautiful and rewarding hikes in Slovenia. Find information on how long the hikes take, discover the starting points and choose hikes of the optimal difficulty for you. The pristine nature in Slovenia is breathtaking and you can enjoy some of the most peaceful places by walking.

Hiking in Slovenia

Slovenians love to hike and therefore you can find many trails od different difficulty level. Either you’re staying in Ljubljana or Bled, you can find many interesting trails all around Slovenia. Here is our top 10 choice and make sure to try at least one of them.

Hike on Rožnik Hill in Ljubljana

There are several recreational trails and footpaths leading to Rožnik Hill from Tivoli park in Ljubljana. This is one of the favorite hikes and spots for locals and is family friendly. One of the most interesting footpaths might be the Jesenko Trail, which is 3 kilometers long and leads past many different local tree species.

Soča Trail

Soča Trail connects the mysterious and peaceful parts of the Soča Valley and Trenta Valley. This trail takes you from Bovec to Soča spring where you can learn a lot about Triglav national park. Soča Trail might be the most beautiful part of Alpe Adria Trail and is around 25 kilometers long. Even though the hike takes about 7 to 8 hours, it runs on undemanding terrain and is otherwise a medium difficulty trail. The sights along the trail are breathtaking.

Logar Valley

The Logar Valley is one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys in Europe. If you take the trail through Logar Valley you can admire pristine green nature at every step. The trail takes about 2 to 3 hours to walk and ends at Rinka Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in Slovenia. This is an easy trail appropriate for families.

Hikes to Mt Triglav

Mt Triglav is the highest Slovenian mountain and as such the best-known and most visited mountain in Slovenia. It is quite easy to recognize by its outstanding figure of three heads. The hike is physically demanding but the views from the top are worth the effort. It is advisable to ascent Mt Triglav from late June to early October. The climb is not recommended for children younger than 12 years and pregnant women. The hike usually takes 2 days and you can stay the night in huts and mountain cabins. There are multiple trails that you can choose from and some are more challenging than others. Ask a local guide to help you choose the best trail for you or arrange a guided climb.

Hike to Velika planina

Velika planina is the largest shepherds’ settlement in Europe. The most active visitors can set off on the mountain by foot. The starting points are in Kamniška Bistica, Stahovica, and Krivčevo. The estimated time of hike to Velika planina is 3 hours and footpaths are clearly marked. The mountain is also a starting point for the hikes onto the higher summits in the Kamnik Alps. You can also ascend the mountain via cable car from Kamniška Bistrica and hike in the breathtaking nature of Velika Planina.

The Valley of the Triglav Lakes or the Seven Lakes Valley

The hiking trail for the Seven Lakes Valley begins at the carpark for Savica waterfalls. Walking in the Valley of Seven Lakes is probably the most popular area in the Julian Alps. Expect to hike from 3 to 4 hours before you reach the first lake. A full day of hiking offers you picturesque landscapes, beautiful panoramic views, and shiny lakes. You should start this hike early in the morning as it is around 26 kilometers long and takes about 9 to 11 hours.

Hike to Debela Peč

This hike will take you to one of the most panoramic peaks in the Julian Alps. This walk is diverse with steep walls on the northern side and moderately grassy slopes on the southern side. When you reach Debela Peč enjoy a beautiful view and then descend the way you came up. Altogether, the hike is 11 kilometers long, takes 5 to 6 hours and is moderately difficult.

Paranzana Trail

Parenzana Trail is a long hike through Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia that takes several days. However, you can decide to walk a part of the Parenzana Trail in Slovenia and you can park your car very close to the most interesting parts of the line. There is a stunning view from the road of the Bay of Piran and the saltpans at Sečovlje. The best thing about Parenzana Trail is that you can walk as far as you want to and return the same way. This is an easy walk, appropriate for all age groups.

Lovrenc Lakes Trail

Most visitors start the hike at the hotel on Rogla and follow a non-challenging footpath. It takes about 3 hours for a circular route from Rogla to the lakes. There are between 11 and 22 lakes, depending on the amount of still water. Close by, a wooden panoramic tower offers nice views of the moor with tiny lakes. This is a perfect trip for families as children can enjoy the neat wooden footbridges that lead into the heartland of the moor.

Vinotour Trail

Vinotour is the first international Nordic walking trail, which leads through the vineyards. You can enter wherever you feel like and adapt the length to your needs. This is an easy walk that will take you between 3 and 6 hours. The footpaths are between 11 and 24 kilometer long and you can choose which hike you want to do (some even take you to Austria!). This hike might be perfect for you if you’re staying in Maribor.

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