How to Pay for Motorway in Slovenia – Vignette for Motorway

by Mija

Vignette for Motorway in Slovenia

If you visit Slovenia by car, you should consider buying a vignette in order to use motorways to drive from one place to another. The vignette is a tolling sticker that allows you to use Slovenian expressways and motorways during a limited time period. There are different types of vignettes regarding the time that the vignette is valid for (e.g., one-year, one month or one week vignettes) and regarding the type of your vehicle (one-track and two-track vehicles, caravans).

When do you need a Vignette in Slovenia?

The vignette is mandatory to use A and H roads including H5 and H6 expressways. The only exceptions are the Markovec Tunnel and Izola bypass sections, which are free.

How does it work?

The vignette is mandatory for Slovenian motorways and you are committing a criminal offense if the vignette is not valid or properly applied. For this offense, you get a penalty from 300 to 800 EUR. A vignette must be placed on the windshield undamaged. Do not try to remove the vignette or its parts from the windshield because the vignette is invalid once removed. You can read the instructions on the backside of the vignette. A 1-month or 1-week vignette is valid for the selected period of time from the day of the purchase.

Where can I buy one?

You can easily purchase a vignette at the nearest gas station; some of the most common ones in Slovenia are called Petrol, Mol and OMV. There are some other points of sale, for example, DARS, Spar shops, Pošta Slovenije (slovenian post office), Kompas Shop, and AMZS.

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