Is Slovenia a Destination for Solo Travelers? – A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Slovenia

by Mija

Slovenia is a friendly country for solo travelers, because of its small size, nice people and many different attractions and ways to spend your time. But before coming to Slovenia, you should read a few interesting and useful information, to help you prepare for visiting the country.

5 reasons Slovenia is great destination for solo travelers

Travelling alone can be scary sometimes, but if the country and the locals are kind and open, that can make it a bit easier. Here are some tips for solo travelers in Slovenia that will get you excited to explore the country by yourself.

1. People are nice and helpful

People in Slovenia will be happy to help at any point on your trip and direct you on your way. And since Slovenian language is spoken only in Slovenia, most of the people know how to speak English, which also makes it easier for foreigners to travel around the country.

2. Slovenia is a safe country

Contrary to popular belief, Slovenia is a very safe country. Crime rates are very low, transportation is safe and reliable, there are even no threats of natural disasters. Still, you have to pay attention to your belongings in crowded places and make sure your taxi has a meter, or if not, negotiate a price beforehand.

3. Slovenia is small and easy to get around

Slovenia is a small country with lots of public transport connections, which makes it very easy to access all of the major attractions. If you are travelling with a car, everything can be easily reached quickly, since it takes only around 3 hours to get from one end of the country to the other. Buses and trains are available from every larger city, where tourist attractions are also concentrated in the center.

4. Lots of outdoor activities where you can meet people

Slovenia is a country with lots of green spaces and therefore a place for many outdoor activities. Since Slovenians are sporty, you can meet many people while hiking, cycling or skiing. There is Bovec with lots of options for adrenaline sports, free walking tours in Ljubljana, skiing on Kanin and many more.

5. Slovenia has a lot of festivals

Slovenia has a lot of different festivals, especially music festivals. With a wide range of Slovenian performers, there are many festivals to choose from, happening mainly in summer. Apart from local artists you can also see performers from Balkan and other foreign countries. Since Slovenians are open and communicative, there is no problem in meeting people on such events.

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