Top 10 Reasons to Visit Slovenia in Winter

by Mija

The location of Slovenia between the Alps and the Adiatic Sea give its climate four seasons, therefore winter is well expected and well enjoyed among Slovenians. Winters in Slovenia offer a lot of exciting activities to do.

Should I Visit Slovenia in Winter?

Winter in Slovenia is magical and there is much to do all over the country. In winter you can explore Slovenia without tourist crowds, from sunny seaside to snowy Bled Lake. However, make sure to check the road conditions, especially in the mountains. On the seaside temperatures reach up to 10 °C (50°F), near Bled temperatures can go few degrees under zero and in Ljubljana you can expect something in between. However, if you bring warm clothes you can have an amazing winter holidays in all of these places.

1. Enjoy the Seaside Without the Crowds

The Seaside very rarely sees the snow, but that doesn’t rob it of the fun. Due to the Mediterranean climate, the temperatures are higher and the sunny days are more common, so you can stroll around Slovenian coastal cities, enjoy their cuisine.

2. Have some Winter Sports Fun

Slovenia is also a snow tourism destination, so there is quite a few ski slopes, among the most famous ones are Cerkno resort, Krvavc resort, Vogel resort with its beautiful panorama, Kranjska Gora and Rogla Resort. One of the less populated, but still great is the slope in Soriška planina, which is a more family resort. If you don’t ski, almost all slopes have some sledding opportunities, some even offer ice skating place. Before you decide to go, check for the weather conditions and the weather forecast. Most of the resorts offer the possibility to rent the equipment and you can chose from a variety of great ski instructors.

3. Join Kurentovanje Carnival in Ptuj

Kurentovanje is one of Slovenia’s most popular carnival events, which is 10 days long event, celebrated in Ptuj. Ptuj is a beautiful city, that is also the oldest documented city in the region. The main character is Kurent, that traditionally wear sheepskin garments, while holding wooden clubs with hedgehog skins. They make a lot of noise by jumping and hitting the wooden clubs together, and this noise is believed to chase away the winter.

4. Relax in Thermal Wellness

Slovenia is definitely a land of good quality water and a wellness gem. Slovenia offers 87 natural thermal springs with water temperature between 32 and 73 degrees Celsius. Almost all thermal spas offer accommodations with green surroundings.

5. Go Ice Skating

If you would like to go skating, you have many opportunities in Slovenia. There are some indoor places that are open for the whole year, but during the festive period, there are many also outdoor. Most offer skates for rent.

6. Visit Magical Christmas Markets

There is no December and Christmas spirit without the magical Christmas market, therefore there are quite a few in Slovenia. Most of the bigger cities have one in the city centers, but of course the biggest one is in the capital, Ljubljana. The streets are filled with the enticing smell of mulled wine and freshly toasted chestnuts, which you can buy on numerous stands in the center. Before going, check for the many concerts and events, that are usually free of charge.

7. Enjoy the Winter Wonderland around Bled Lake

The whole city of Bled with the Bled Lake seems like a wonderland, but during the winter, it really is mesmerizing. It is located in Gorenjska regions, which is close to the Alps, so there is usually a lot of snow. You can go on a romantic ride in pletna to the little church on the island, and sometimes during winter the lake even freezes. From late November to the beginning of January on the promenade by the lake Christmas stands offer festive gifts and traditional food and drinks.

8. Build Your Castle in the Snow in the North

Snow offers lots of joyous activities, and in the north you can test your architectural skills and build your castle, igloo or a fort. Every year on the last weekend in January near the town Črna na Koroškem an event is organized, where people compete in building the most beautiful snow castle.

9. Do some Christmas Shopping in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a great shopping destination especially during the festive time when the shops offer a lot of deals and discounts. Do some shopping in the city center and then enjoy the Christmas market.

10. Go See an Opera or a Ballet

Wintertime is usually the peak season for opera houses and theatres, so if you come to Slovenia in this time, be sure to take advantage of that. Check the program in advance, as it is rich with home and guest performances.

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