Top 10 Attractions near Bled Lake

by Mija

Bled is a popular tourist destination that attracts many visitors not only from Slovenia but from abroad, too. It is located approximately 50 km northwest of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. Near Bled Lake are many stunning natural sights worth the visit.

10 Things To See and Do near Bled Lake

Bled is the most known for Lake Bled and the iconic Bled Island but there is many other interesting landmarks around Bled one should visit.

1. Enjoy Bled Lake

Bled Lake

Bled Lake is without a doubt one of the most picturesque places to visit in Slovenia. It has a castle perched high on the hillside, a beautiful little island to visit, swimming spots and many hiking trails.

2. Visit Dinopark Bled

Dino Park Bled

Dinopark is a grat idea for family fun. It brings to life the unknown world of dinosaurs. Dinopark is located outdoors, in the nature, nera the Bled Lake. Children can learn about the history of our planet Earth and play with the dinosaurs on the playground.

3. Climb to the Bled Castle

Bled Castle

Lake Bled Castle is more than 1000 years old and it has always sat on these cliffs, enjoying one of the best views of Lake Bled. Visit the castle and take in the spectacular views of the lake and its surroundings. You can even dine with a view and treat yourself with dinner or lunch in the Bled Castle Restaurant. After dining you should go wine tasting in the wine cellar.

4. Hike to the View Point Osojnica

Osojnica Bled Lake View Point

It you love great views you should definitely consider hiking to Mala Osojnica. It’s not a long hike, a bit on the arduous site but the reward is really worth it. It is best to start your hike from the west side of Bled Lake where the signs are marking the trailhead. The trail climbs directly and steadily up to the viewpoint and you can enjoy most of the hike in the shadow of trees. When you see a metal staircase you know you are getting really close to the top and at the top of the staircase you can sit on a wooden bench and take in gorgeous views of the lake. About 5 minutes farther is the main viewpoint Mala Osojnica.

5. Play Golf

Golf Bled

Bled has the largest golf course in Slovenia, situated 2 km from Bled Lake. The season runs from March to December and since the course is renowned it is now one of the most beautiful in Europe. The course is surrounded by Julian Alps with Triglav, and the Karavanke mountains in the north ensuring the greatest and unforgettable experience for golfers. The facility offers the 18-hole Championship King’s Course and the 9-hole Lake Course.

6. Walk through the Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar George

Vintgar Gorge is definitely another one of the most magical places to visit in Slovenia. It is fun for the entire family with its 1.6 km boardwalks crisscrossing their way along the crystal clear Radovna River. The gorge is located in Triglav National Park and only 10 minutes by car from Bled Lake. Take your camera with you as there are hundreds of scenic views and cute photograph spots along the boardwalks.

7. Be Active on Bohinj Lake

Bohinj Lake

Bohinj Lake is just a half an hour drive from Lake Bled and even though it is another lake it’s a completely different experience. It offers many opportunities to go hiking, paddle boarding, swimming, and kayaking. From there you can ride the Vogel cable car for great views of the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park and walk to Savica waterfall.

8. Visit Savica Waterfall

Savica Waterfall

Savica Waterfall is the most popular waterfall in Slovenia and is also called Slap Savica. It is just a few minutes drive from Lake Bohinj and after you park your car you can take the short trail about 50 minutes to 1 hour long. You pay the entrance fee at the wooden cabin. There are a lot of stairs as an uphill walk in the woods leading to the waterfall. You can take breathtaking photos of Savica Waterfall and enjoy the view but don’t swim in the waterfall! From the viewing platform you can also get a splendid view of Bohinj Lake.

9. Hike Anywhere

Hiking near Bled

From Bled Lake you can hike to Osojnica and Ojstrica. The hike to Osojnica is short but not easy. There is an amazing viewpoint on Mala Osojnica where you can linger, relax and take great photos. If you’re not too tired from the climb you can go higher and reach Velika Osojnica which is 756 meters high and awards you with views of the Karavanke mountains and Kamnik Alps. Another option is to hike to Ojstrica which some say it’s even a better viewpoint of Lake Bled and the central island on it. Catch the best view at sunrise or sunset; beat the crowds and secure the best viewing spot!

10. Eat in Begunje na Gorenjskem and Listen to Avseniki Ensemble


Begunje na Gorenjskem is situated 7 km from Bled and is a popular tourist attractions in Slovenia. Begunje is a small village which offers many interesting and unique things to do. You can stop at the Avsenik Museum which is named after the Avsenik Brothers Ensemble the most popular Slovenian folk music ensemble. You can see their old house, the beginnings of their music and original instruments, listen to the songs and eat traditional Slovenian food in their restaurant.

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