The 5 Reasons You Will Fall in Love with Bohinj Lake

by Mija

While Slovenia has many beautiful lakes to visit, Bohinj lake is one of a kind for many reasons. Only the sight of the lake in the middle of the mountains is enough to make your trip to Bohinj lake unforgettable. However, here are some of the additional specialties of the lake itself and you will love staying there.

1. Its Breathtaking Scenery

Bohinj lake is a big Slovenian lake, surrounded by forested hills. All around the lake you can see Slovenia’s highest mountain peaks rising in the distance and mirroring in the water. It is a clear lake in the middle of unspoiled nature, where you can breathe in the clean mountain air. The lake paints a true fairytale in the summer as well as in the winter.

2. Less Touristy than Lake Bled

While Bled has many everyday visitors, lake Bohinj is a more calm site, not filled with so many visitors. This enables you to fully experience the true Slovenian landscape and appreciate the environment without it being occupied by crowds of tourists and locals.

3. The Largest Natural Lake in Slovenia

Among many natural lakes in Slovenia, Bohinj lake is the largest and the deepest. It rests in a hollow between the sharply rising mountains – its form was shaped by a glacier. The river Savica is the main water inflow, while Sava Bohinjka is the main outflow, both enabling the water in the lake to restore 3 times a year.

4. A Real-life Winter Fairtale

If the winters are cold enough, Bohinj lake freezes, but lately this happens more rarely. If the lake freezes, you can ice skate over it in the middle of Slovenia’s beautiful nature. Nevertheless, winter brings snow on the mountains above the lake and paints a beautiful picture of Julian Alps.

5. Opportunities for Water Sports Enthusiasts

There are many activities you can engage in on Bohinj lake. Fill your experience with adrenaline and try rafting or kayaking down Sava Bohinjka river or try canyoning. On the lake you can go canoeing or maybe even go diving and discover the mysterious underwater world of a big mountain lake.