Top 5 Slovenian Restaurants in Maribor

by Mija

Slovenian restaurants in Maribor offer traditional Slovenian as well as Styrian meals. In contrast to Primorska where you can try traditional Mediterranean dishes, food in Štajerska is based on pork, potatoes and beans. Here are 5 restaurants in Maribor where you can have a taste of typical Styrian meals.

1. Restaurant Mak

Restaurant Mak is listed among the best restaurants in the world on La Liste 2019, which makes it also one of the best restaurants in Slovenia. There they offer a variety of different meals, for dinner and lunch. It is advised to reserve a table beforehand, since it is a restaurant of high and a bit more expensive cuisine. The dinner is more of a show and can last up to five hours featuring amazing food presentation and sometimes even a short musical performance.

Location: Restaurant Mak, Osojnikova ulica 20, Maribor

2. Gostilna ‘Pri treh ribnikih’

In the middle of Maribor’s City Park is a restaurant called Pri treh ribnikih. With it’s beautiful surroundings, it offers traditional Slovenian cuisine accompanied by Slovenian wines from regional producers. Restaurant Pri treh ribnikih is the oldest restaurant in Maribor, it has been operating since 1825.

Location: Pri treh ribnikih, Ribniška ulica 9, Maribor

3. Gostilna Maribor

In the center of Maribor, on the Main Square is Gostilna Maribor, which offers a taste of traditional Styrian cuisine combined with some Mediterranean dishes. The house also contains a brewery, which is why you should try their Slovenian house beer Rudolf.

Location: Gostilna Maribor, Glavni trg 8, Maribor

4. Stari Grill

Another restaurant located on the Main Square is restaurant Stari Grill, which combines old practices with new ones for preparing meals. The restaurant offers freshly prepared grilled meals, salads and lepinja bread. In Stari gril you can try chevapchichi, a traditional kebab meet from the Balkans.

Location: Stari Grill, Glavni trg 5, Maribor

5. Vinska klet Brigadir

On the edge of the City Park in Maribor stands Vinska klet Brigadir, surrounded by hills filled with vines. In the old wine cellar you can taste traditional Slovenian foods, such as Slovene pork sausage with sauerkraut, bograč, jota and veal stew.

Location: Vinska klet Brigadir, Za Kalvarijo 65, Maribor

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