Top 10 Attractions in Koper

by Mija

Koper is located in the southwestern part of Slovenia and is the biggest coastal city. The city has a very rich history, due to the fact that it was under many rulers. Most prominent effect in Koper is definitely the Italian one.

The Must-See Landmarks in Koper

Koper offers many attractions and things to see, and the feeling of the city won’t disappoint. Whether you visit to stay at the beach but still want to explore the city, or you are a history lover, you can find many sightseeing options for your taste.

1. Tito Square or ‘Titov Trg’

The Tito Square is considered one of the most beautiful city squares on the ex-Venetian territory. Most prominent of the attractions is the Praetorian palace, located on the southern side of the square. Other beautiful palaces find on Tito Square are Armeria palace that used to be an armoury, Foresteria palace with its beautiful stone, renaissance door, Del Bello palace and Rotunda of John the Baptist. It is a very vibrant square with many cafés, from which you can enjoy the mixture of gothic, roman and renaissance history.

2. Praetorian palace

On Tito Square is located the Praetorian Palace, which is a 15th century Venetian Gothic palace, that is one of the city’s architectural landmarks. It used to house Venetian officers un until the end of 18th century, today the Koper city government and a wedding hall are located here. Many statues and coat-of-arms adorn it.

3. Koper Cathedral and Bell Tower

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the biggest churches in Slovenia, but regardless of that, it hides many treasures. It was built in 15th century and renovated in 1579. Early 18th century, Koper was under Venetian influence, and the church was again transformed in the Baroque style. Under the direction of Giorgio Massari, additional landscaping elements were added to the church, including valuable paintings of Venetian painters Pietro Liberi, Celesti Andrea, Antonio Zanchi and Vittore Carpaccio. The most important painting is the Holy Conversation of Vittore Carpaccio, dating from 1516. Other important items are a sarcophagi, a Byzantine chest, a chalice and a monstrance with a hallowed host.

4. Da Ponte Fountain

The Da Fonte Fountain is located in Prešeren Square and was built in Baroque appearance in the med 17th century. It is the last station of the aqueduct that supplied Koper with water that was used up until the year of 1898. Its recognizable shape of octagon with fifteen pilasters that holds the names of the aristocrat’s families name that paid for it.

5. Muda Gate

Prešeren Square, where the Da Fonte Fountain is located used to be named the Muda Square, so at the southern end of the square is this antique entrance into the old town called Muda Gate. It dates back to the year of 1516 and is the last preserved city gate in Koper. Built in the Renaissance style and sports numerous heraldic decorations, among which the sun, symbolizing the city’s coat of armours.

6. Taverna Koper

This former salt warehouse that was built at the end of the 16th century is located in Carpaccio square. In the beginning of the 20th century the salt panning decreased and many salt warehouses were useless, therefore it was dedicated for other purposes. In comparison with other attractions with beautiful facades, Taverna seems a bit dull, but the numerous arches come to great usage for the many concerts and events.

7. Carpaccio square

The square is named after the famous Italian painter, Vittorio Carpaccio because his birth house is located on this square. Another important sight find here is a Justin pillar and a well. The pillar is from 1572 and has the Koper coat-of-arm in the honor of Lepant battle. The well is from 15th century and in 1935 was brought here from Venice.

8. Čevljarska Street

Čevljarska Street is a medieval street that kept almost all features of an original craft and retail street. Many palaces with beautiful facades adorn it. Most important palaces on this street are the Orlandini palace, Barbabianca palace, Gravisi Buttorai palace, Tarsia palace, De Franceschi palace, Carla palace and Almerigogna palace. The Barbabiance palace is the former seat of the Venetian tax office, and the Gravisi Buttorai palace is important because it houses the Italian community.

9. Casa Veneziana

This renovated Venetian gothic house from 14th century is now a museum and a café, it is located between the Ribiška street and the northern city ring road.

10. Kidriceva Street

Kidričeva street is an important street in Koper because many important buildings are on it. The Church of St Nicholas that was built in 1594 that is the patron of the sailors, it also houses many works of art. There is also a monastery that used to be a hospital, but is now empty.

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