Top 10+ Beaches in Slovenia

by Mija

Did you know that Slovenian coast is only 46 kilometers long? Nevertheless, if you’re looking for some dazzling beaches to refresh and relax, Slovenia has a lot to offer!

The Best Beaches on the Slovenian Seaside

Slovenia offers a variety of the beaches, from sandy beach in Portorož, to stunning under-cliff beach in Strunjan and Izola. Slovenian Coast is only 46 kilometers long and due to its smallness you can visit different beaches during your stay in Portorož. Here is the list of the best beaches in Slovenia.

1. Public Beach of Portorož

Portorož sandy beach is located just in the center of the town and is one of the most vibrant and popular beaches in Slovenia. Relax in the sunshine, swim, and afterwards enjoy your cold drink at one of the numerous nearby beach bars.

2. Piran Punta Beach

Piran Punta is a city beach in an old town Piran. This romantic beach is nothing like you’ve ever seen before with numerous fine restaurants that are just a step away from the sea and overlook the beautiful Piran bay with a breathtaking sunset in the evening.

3. Fornače Piran Beach

This beach is a pebble beach with crystalline blueish water. Enjoy your day in tranquility with a good book and refresh in the salty Slovenian sea.

4. Fiesa Beach

Fiesa beach is a popular bathing area today with blueish crystal-clear water and can be found halfway between the Strunjan salt pans and Cape Madona in Piran. There is plenty to do: services around the beach offer canoes, SUPs and paddle boats, but Fiesa beach is also popular for diving and snorkelling.

5. Delfin Beach in Izola

Beach Delfin is situated in Izola, near Hotel Delfin, just between beach Svetilnik and beach San Simon. It has a self-service bar with ice-cream, volleyball sand courts and a parking for mobile homes nearby.

6. San Simon Beach in Izola

If you’re staying in Izola and looking for some fun and active time this beach is it! There is a lot to do in San Simon with water slides, volleyball courts, pedal boats and bars. If you want to take a romantic walk in the evening head to the center of Izola and enjoy dim lights and the sound of the sea.

7. Svetilnik Beach in Izola

Svetilnik beach is situated in Izola and just a short walk from the city center. Enjoy a day in the shadow and go for a cocktail in the evening to bar Svetilnik to watch a magical sunset.

8. Plaža slepih in Izola

This beach for the disabled and blind can be found in Izola, just a bit further from beach Svetilnik. It’s not only a beach; it also has a pool adjusted for the physically disabled, a bar, and a parking close by.

9. Mokra mačka Beach in Koper

Mokra mačka beach would be roughly translated to English as the Wet Cat Beach. It is sited in Koper, close to the port and the city center. For some extra fun you can swim to the raft and jump into the crystal-blue sea.

10. Žusterna Beach in Koper

Although many people swim just wherever by the road that connects Izola to Koper, most youngsters relax at beach Žusterna which is closer to Koper. It is a great place to fool around, and enjoy the vibe. A nearby Snack Bar has delicious burgers and a great selection of beer.

11. Strunjan Beach

This picturesque hidden beach is situated at the bottom of the cliff. Expect a long, wild pebble beach that is a great place to enjoy the nature in all its calmness and peacefulness.

12. Bele skale Beach

Beach Bele Skale is located between Izola and Strunjan and can be accessed from either of the two coastal towns. It is a popular location if you rent a boat and an excellent choice if you enjoy nude beaches.

13. Adria Beach in Ankaran

This peddle beach is situated in a perfect location with a breathtaking view as you can see the whole bay from Koper to Izola. It has a camping site, apartments, hotels and villas close by that offer great possibilities for your peaceful vacation just a few steps from the sea.

14. Debeli rtič Beach

Debeli rtič or Punta Grossa in Italian is a cape on the border between Italy and Slovenia. This beach is a natural monument by the cliff with clear turquoise water.

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