The 5 Best Restaurants in Postojna

by Mija

Postojna is a town in the region of Inner Carniola, Slovenia, that is located in the crossing from Ljubljana, the capital to the coastal area and further, Italy. Due to its position it offers delicious food that mixes the Mediterranean with the continental part. Top 5 Spots to Eat in Postojna are:

1. Magdalena Food & Fun

A chick place with a very nice atmosphere just waiting for you after discovering the stunning Postojna caves. It is called after the Magdalena Cave, one of the five Postojna Cave system caves. They offer amazing fresh burgers and sandwiches, nice cocktails and drinks.

2. Jamski dvorec

Another restaurant right next to the entrance to Postojna Cave is the restaurant Jamski dvorec that translates to cave mansion and the ambient gives you the special royal feeling. They offer snacks, light lunches and fine dine options. You can enjoy the Slovenian classic dishes and the modern fusion of food.

3. Modrijan Homestead

Modrijan Homestead is a top option if you fond of barbeque and especially of Roast Pig, because it is absolutely delicious – they roast them right in front of your eyes. The restaurant is nice, easy and homey.

4. Štorja Pod Stopnicami

In the city center of Postojna is this hidden foodie jewel. The Story under the Stairs, as the name translates really speak its story of a rustic, warm restaurant. You can enjoy delicious flavours of genuine local food at lunch, as well at a delicious dinner. Their plates all look like pieces of art, when you almost feel bad to disassemble it, but the taste takes the guilt away.

5. Proteus

The Proteus restaurant is housed in a wonderful traditional building in the center of Postojna, which is also a small hotel. They offer always fresh dishes, with meat and seafood options, but you can enjoy their vegetarian plates too.

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