Top 10 Things To Do in Celje

by Mija

Celje is Slovenia’s third biggest city and was home to the Counts of Celje who ruled mush of Slovenian territory in medieval times. Today, the historic center of the city is rich and beautiful with mansions and grand buildings.

What To See and Do in Celje

Celje is a vibrant town with something for everyone. There is a lot to do in Celje so explore this list to see the best attractions in Celje.

1. Visit Celje Castle

Celje Castle Slovenia

A castle towering over the city of Celje is sure to leave you speechless. Celje Old Castle is a must see – it’s at the same time enticing, romantic, and frightening and somber. Counts of Celje used to live here but today the castle serves a modern tourist information center and a café.

2. Stroll the Old Town and Main Square

Main Square Celje Slovenia

The city center of Celje is small enough to walk through. An important landmark in the old town is Prince’s Mansion that was the residence of the Counts and Princes of Celje from the 14th to 15th century. This property has been recognized as a national monument. Walk to the Main Square where you can see the old St Mary’s Column and visit Celje Cathedral Right next to it.

3. Have Fun in Adventure Park Celjska Koča

Adventure Park Celje Slovenia

This environmentally friendly adventure park is situated between tree trunks and canopies on Celjska koča and is appropriate for all age groups. There are three different difficulty level courses promising you a true adventure!

4. Take a Look at the Museum of Recent History

Museum of Recent History Celje Slovenia

Museum of Recent History is spread out in a few locations around the city but the headquarters is the Neoclassical former town hall on Prešernova ulica. This museum gives you a summary of life in Celje across three generations in 20th century.

5. Walk the City Walls

City Walls Celje Slovenia

Celje is a very old town and so the construction of town walls dates back to 15th century. Although some parts of the walls were integrated into new constructions, their remains can still be seen if you walk along Savinja riverbank and Vodnikova Street. At the southeast corner of the walls there is the only one of the four towers that survived to the present day, the Water Tower.

6. Enjoy the Šmartinsko Lake

Šmartinsko Lake Celje Slovenia

Šmartinsko jezero or Šmartinsko Lake is located in the winding coastline in the direct vicinity in Celje. Because of its picturesque surroundings and the idyllic nature it’s a particularly appealing hiking destination. It offers trails for joggers, hikers and cyclists. For fun on the water rent a boat, kayak or a paddleboat.

7. Take a Walk in Celje City Park

City PArk Celje Slovenia

A bridge across the Savinja River links the city center to the Celje City Park. Park visitors may enjoy the embrace of the mighty trees, green areas, and the stunning scenery. Make sure to find this yellow beauty if you visit in the autumn.

8. Visit Regional Museum of Celje

Regional Museum Celje Slovenia

Celje Regional Museum’s exhibitions are located in two places, in the Old Count’ Mansion (or Prince’s Mansion) and the Princely Palace. One of the best exhibitions in the Museum is exhibition about words’ first known female solo traveler from Celje Alma M. Karlin.

9. Visit the Town Celeia under the Town of Celje

Town under the town Celeia Celje Slovenia

In roman times Celje was called Celeia. The remains of this big roman town can be found in the cellars of the Princely Palace as part of Regional Museum of Celje.

10. Have a beer at Beer Fountain in Žalec

Beer Fountain Celje Slovenia

Žalec is only a 10 minute drive away and this is the first beer fountain in the world. It offers six different taps for six different beer varieties. The beer fountain operates from April to October and additionally, many interesting events take place by the fountain.

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