Top 10 Things To Do in Novo mesto

by Mija

Less than one hour drive southeast from Ljubljana is located Novo mesto, the biggest city of Dolenjska Region. Novo mesto is not overcrowded with tourist and people only stop there on their way to other places, but due to some natural beauties it is gaining popularity. The best things to do in Novo mesto are connected with its rich history and culture.

What To Do in Novo mesto?

Novo mesto is a great destination for history enthusiasts and archeologists since it has an important archeological site. The majority of the findings are from the Late Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Novo mesto is archeologically speaking, famous for the numerous finding of ‘Situla’ (decorated bucket-shaped vessel). Also, it is a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts, because it is surrounded by wine-growing hills and slops, and also Krka river that runs through Novo mesto affects the region. Here is the list of activities in Novo mesto.

1. Visit ‘Kapiteljska njiva’

Kapiteljska Njiva Novo Mesto Slovenia

The major archeological site Kapiteljska njiva lies on top of the Marof hill where they have found large prehistoric cemetery with very well preserved decorated situlae. You can visit the site but no descriptions or information is arranged. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful walk and from above, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the whole city.

2. Visit the Main Square or ‘Glavni Trg’

Novo mesto Main Square

In the center of the city is the main square named The Main Square. The square is nice featuring the most important building Town Hall or ‘Rotovž’ built in 1905. It is a famous meeting point for locals, so therefore you can enjoy a glass of Cviček Wine in one of many bars.

3. Go to the Old Gothic Cathedral of St Nicholas

Church Novo Mesto Slovenia

The stone church of St Nicolas is located on a hill above the Krka River. The original church had been built before the year of 1428 and in 1576 the building was reconstructed after it was damaged in a fire.

4. Pass Kandija Bridge

Riverside Novo Mesto received its first bridge at the start of the 16th century. The bridge was wooden and spanned between today’s Pugljeva and Resslova streets. Prior to its completion, locals crossed the river by boat or raft. Today Kandija Bridge is 75 meters long and crosses the river in a single arc. Its riveted iron construction lies on rustic stone support beams.

5. Drink coffe in the Old Town and River Bank or ‘Breg’

Old Town Novo Mesto, Slovenia

The old town is even more amazing if you are watching it from the other side of the Krka River. Breg is a part of town where houses on the River Bank, stand in rows on cliffs above the River Krka River. Houses were built at the turn of the 18th century when old city walls were removed.

6. Visit the Museum of Dolenjska Region

Museum of Dolenjska Region, Novo mesto, Slovenia

In the Museum of Dolenjska Region Novo mesto it is possible to learn about the past of the Dolenjska Region and Novo mesto through exhibitions. The archaeological heritage of Novo mesto ranks as part of the most important movable heritage of Slovenia, since it comprises numerous unique objects, especially from the time of the early Iron Age known as the Hallstatt period.

7. Feel the History around Graben Castle

Grm Castle, Slovenia

The Graben or ‘Grm’ Castle from 1586 is located 2 kilometers outside Novo mesto. Its function was residential, but also the observation and defense against the Turks.

8. Sleep in the Castle

Otočec Castle, Slovenija

Not far away from Novo mesto lies Otočec Castle. The castle stands on an island on the Krka River, among the shallow waters full of tuff ridges and islands. Written documents mention the castle as early as in 1252. Today the castle is a hotel and you can even get married in this amazing scenery. If you are not there to get married, you can still enjoy their restaurant and the café. The surroundings are absolutely beautiful, so take a walk and enjoy the picturesque scenery with many swans on Krka river that splits and forms a small island for the castle. In Otočec is one of the largest and most beautiful golf courses in Slovenia.

9. Drink Cviček Wine

Cviček, Slovenia

Cviček Wine is a regional wine from Dolenjska, which is besides Tuscan Chianti, the only wine composed of different grape varieties including both white and red grape species. It has a low alcohol content and is more sour to taste, and exactly this combination turned out to have many health benefits.

10. Climb a Hill ‘Trška Gora‘

Trška Gora, Slovenia

Trška Gora is a hill, located 3km north from Novo mesto. Its sunny side is appropriate for Cviček wine growing, so it is full of vineyards and vineyard cottages. The walk to the top is nice and from above you can enjoy a nice view. On the top is a Roman church and the biggest Lime tree in the region.