Top 10 Slovenian Caves Opened for Tourists that You Can Visit

by Mija

You have probably heard of the famous Postojna Cave, but did you know that about 43% of Slovenian territory is of karst nature and in 2019 in Slovenia were known over 13,150 caves. Of course, some of them are smaller and most of them are not opened for visitors.

Top 10 Tourist Caves in Slovenia

However, there are quite a few you can visit including the beautiful Postojna Cave. Make sure to bring warm clothes and check any other requirements before going.

1. Postonjna Cave

Postojna Cave Slovenia

Postojna Cave is in fact a 24 kilometers long karst cave system near the town Postojna. The cave system is made up of interconnected caves, among which is the most famous the cave with the same name – Postojna Cave. You can buy ticket upon arrival or even better online in advance and enjoy the exploring the 5 kilometers of cave opened for tourists.

2. Black Cave and Pivka Cave

Pivka Cave, Slovenia

Black and Pivka Cave are part of the Postojna cave system. You can visit the caves between May and September and have to book in advance. Pivka Cave is just over five kilometers long. Two of the cave’s five kilometers can be visited on a cave tour. The trail leads visitors along the river Pivka towards the 3.3. kilometers long Black Cave. The cave has dark speleothems, which gave the cave its name.

3. Križna Cave

Križna Cave, Slovenia

Križna Cave is mostly famous for underground lakes and the tour includes the boat ride. It is the only naturally preserved tourist cave opened for tourists in Slovenia, so it contains no strong lighting and concrete pathways. Visitors receive rubber boots and a portable, rechargeable flashlight for the tour. Due to the wish for preservation of the cave, the mass tourism is forbidden and the daily number of tourist is restricted.

4. Planina Cave

Planina Cave, Slovenia

Near Postojna is a village named Planina known for karst field Planina polje and Planina Cave. After a heavy rain you can see the incredible sight of a flooded Planina polje transformed into a lake. Planina Cave lies at the southern end of Planinsko Polje. The cave is almost 7 kilometers long and it is believed to be the largest water cave in Slovenia. You can visit the cave by foot or by boat but make sure to check the opening hours and call for more information.

5. Predjama Cave

Predjama Cave, Slovenia

You have probably heard of Predjama Castle, but did you know there is a large cave underneath? The cave under Predjama Castle is the second longest show cave in Slovenia. The length the cave discovered so far is 14 kilometers of which the tourist section is 700 meters long. You can book the easy trail that takes one hour to walk or more adventurous tour.

6. Škocjan Caves

Škocjan Caves, Slovenia

The Škocjan Caves are the creation of the Reka River. In the first part of its course, the Reka still flows on the surface, along an amazing 4 kilometers long gorge. The exceptional volume of the underground canyon is what places them among the most famous caves in the world. The Škocjan Caves remain the only monument in Slovenia and the Classical Karst region on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites.

7. Pekel Cave

Pekel Cave, Slovenia

Pekel Cave is a karst formation in the eastern part of Slovenia. On two floors, the visitor can explore the water part and the dry part of the cave. Through the lower, water part of the cave runs the Peklenščica Stream, creating greatest monument in the cave, the 4 meters high waterfall. The upper part of the cave is dry and full of cave structures.

8. Snow Cave or ‘Snežna jama’

Snow Cave, Slovenia

Snow Cave lies at an altitude of 1500 meters and due to its altitude it is opened for tourist only in the summer months. The ice in the cave and rock formations bring the best from the two worlds of karst and alpine. Make sure to check the opening hours and availability before going.

9. Vilenica Cave

Vilenica Cave, Slovenia

The Vilenica Cave is the oldest show cave in Europe, since as far as 1633. The bottom of the cave reaches 191 meters below the surface. The whole cave is more than a kilometer long, however only 450 meters are accessible for visitors.

10. Mayer’s Cave or ‘Županova jama’

Mayers Cave, Slovenia

Mayer’s Cave is another beautiful cave in the east, this time on the south in the Dolenjska Region. Basic physical condition is required to climb the stairs but otherwise the trail is easy-to-walk and appropriate for kids. Make sure to book in advance.

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