7-Day Itinerary around Slovenia

by Mija

Slovenia is a small country between the central and south Europe. With its stunning nature and friendly people Slovenia became a popular travel destination and every traveler should visit it at least once in lifetime. How long is enough to explore Slovenia? The more the better, but one week should be enough to explore all parts of Slovenia.

What To Do in Slovenia in 7 Days?

It is hard to answer this question because it depends on many factors. Do you want to visit only the must-see popular attractions or do you want to explore less known places? Are you interested in sightseeing or are you interested in other activities, such as swimming or animal watching? However, 7 days should be enough to catch a glimpse of everything and here is an idea of 7-day itinerary on how to do that.

DAY 1: Bled Lake and Vintgar Gorge

You will start your trip at Bled Lake, the most recognizable place in Slovenia. You can do many activities in Bled and you should definitely try a Bled Cream Cake or ‘Kremšnita’. You can also visit Vintgar Gorge, the most famous and beautiful gorge in Slovenia. The round-trail is easy to walk and takes around 1 hour to finish it. Spend a night in a place between Bled Lake and Bohinj Lake.

DAY 2: Bohinj Lake, Savica Waterfall and a seaside

In the morning you should visit another amazing Bohinj Lake and nearby Savica Waterfall in Triglav National Park. After the visit you can use motorail from Slovenska Bistrica to Most na Soči. You will park your car on a train and enjoy a 45 minutes long train ride. Not only this is the great experience, it also reduces your time of traveling for around two hours. Once you arrive to Most na Soči you can continue your trip towards the seaside. It will take you around 2 hours to get to Portorož. The first hour the road will be a bit bendy but you can make a lot of stops in the Spča Valley and in the western part of Slovenia. Once you arrive to the seaside, you can spend a night in Portorož, Piran, Koper or Izola.

DAY 3: Portorož, Piran, Izola and Koper

You can spend all day lying on a beach or you can explore all the other towns on the Slovenian coast. Slovenian riviera is part of the Istrian peninsula and is only 46.6 km long. One day is enough to catch a glimpse of everyday life in this part of Slovenia. You will probably notice that people are more ‘Mediterranean’ here, the way they talk and express themselves resemble more Italians than people from the other parts of Slovenia. Spend the night in the town you liked the most.

DAY 4: Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle

In the morning you can drive to Postojna where you will visit the famous Postojna Cave. Depending on the congestion it will probably take less than one hour to get there. After the cave exploring you should go to Predjama Castle, a castle from medieval times near Postojna, carved into the rock. After you visit the castle you can continue your trip to Ljubljana where you will spend the night.

DAY 5: Ljubljana

You should take at least one whole day to explore Ljubljana. You have to visit the castle, Metelkova city, Prešeren square and other interesting attraction. You can visit an excellent Slovenian restaurant or go on a boat ride. In the evening locals usually meet up in the city center and drink wine in a bar.

DAY 6: Maribor

Maribor is the second biggest city in Slovenia and is very interesting for tourists. You can go sightseeing or try to bland in with locals in one of many bars and restaurants. There is many things you can do in Maribor and visiting the oldest wine in the world still bearing grapes is one of them. On your way back to Ljubljana you can make a stop in Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia or any other interesting attraction in the eastern part of Slovenia. Spend a night in Ljubljana.

DAY 7: Ljubljana

On the last day you will probably want to take it easy. You can do some shopping or buy souvenirs in the city center, or you can spend a part of your day doing any other indoor activity. You will not be bored in Ljubljana, that’s for sure.

Do you not like moving so much? Check the itinerary for 7 day exploring of Slovenia by sleeping only in Ljubljana.

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